Aromatherapy massages for your pet

Aromatherapy massages for your pet

At Pet Universe, our loving and caring groomers love to pamper pets in our Pet Beauty Salon. Fifty-Cent, a miniature poodle, received one of our extra special Aromatherapy Massages, using Pet Esthe, specially designed aesthetic aromatic oils. We offer a large selection of special treatments for any pet.

Our lady masseuses, who work at Pet Universe, are always kind and gentle. Their professional massage techniques will leave your pet feeling invigorated and refreshed. To make the whole experience just a bit more extra special, before any pet goes home we give them extra cuddles.

If you want to spoil your pet, like we did for Fifty-Cent, give us a call on 020-8550-0430 or even pop into our salon at 51 Atherton Road, Clayhall, Ilford, IG5 0PQ and we can make an appointment for your pet to be pampered at Pet Universe, the best Pet Beauty Salon!

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