Our Team

Our professional and dedicated animal loving team has more then 20 years of pet care experience. And we believe that a well-groomed pet is a happy pet that will be a source of pride and joy for its owner. We have on-going continuing education and staff training to continually improve and offer you the best care possible. All of our team is here to serve, because of their love to animals and desire to assist you in making the best care decisions for your pet.

Picture of Svetlana - founder of Pet Universe Grooming Salon

Hugo Boss
with The Boss

Founder of Pet Universe
Qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon
Tutor of Cat Grooming School
Prev. Manager at Harrods Pet Dept

Picture of Edita - Beautician of Pet Universe Grooming Salon

Princess with
Feline Beautician

Cat Grooming Advanced Cert
Dog Grooming Stylist level 1 Cert
Dog Brusher/Bather Advanced Cert

Picture of Inga - stylist at Pet Universe

Pippa with
Master Canine Stylist

Dog Groomer Stylist High Diploma
Tutor of Dog Grooming School
Show Dog Groomer & Handler
Certified FCI ACS Breeder

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